Travel Reimbursement Policy Template

Contract companies, law firms and home care clinics provide their employees with travel reimbursement. This is a benefit that financially supports the employees for their travels, while on duty. Without it, the employees would be forced to pay these expenses out of pocket. With this said, it is up to the employer to provide each employee with a… Read More »

Painting Invoice Template

Painters are extremely busy professionals that may end up working on multiple jobs simultaneously. With this said, your bookkeeping processes will need to be combined with a painting invoice template to ensure efficiency. Without this document, you may find it extremely difficult to request payment from customers. Service providers do not have the allotted time to contact each… Read More »

Auto Repair Receipt Template

Whether you are a professional mechanic or you run a small shop out of your home garage, you are going to have to familiarize yourself with auto repair receipts. Anytime you perform a service or services for your customers and charge them, they are going to want proof that they paid for the services that you performed. This… Read More »

Company Policy Template

Every company has its own unique policies and procedures that establish the rules of conduct and outline the responsibilities of employers and employees. Without these policies, the company would not prosper, because the employees and staff members would have not idea of their job duties or responsibilities. Of course, creating policies and documenting them on paper is truly… Read More »

Microsoft Invoice Template

Are you responsible for managing a business? If so, you’ll find yourself taking the client’s money, while subsequently providing them with a receipt. Sadly, mistakes can be made during this transaction and those mistakes could lead to disputes and even lawsuits. This is why you should use the Microsoft invoice template. Below, you will learn about the enormous… Read More »

Group Assignment To Do List

Whether you are managing a group project for your boss, planning a major event for a friend, of even planning your own wedding. You are going to have hundreds of tasks to complete and while you may have friends and family helping out, it is still almost impossible to keep track of everything that has and has not… Read More »

Student Assignment Planner

As a student, there is no doubt that you’ll have an abundance of responsibilities to juggle each and every day. Despite doing your best, there will always be a possibility that something will go wrong. If anything does go wrong, you may wind up missing an assignment and this could cause you to flunk out of school. College… Read More »

Consultant Invoice Template

Consumers and businesses rely heavily on consultants to help ensure they’re making the right decision. As a consultant, you need to remember that you should be paid for your time and energy. This is where the consultant invoice template will enter the picture. This document will give you the ability to ensure each and every client is charged… Read More »

Resume Reference List

Are you currently working through the process of attempting to acquire a brand-new job? Finding work in today’s economy can be enormously difficult. This is why it is absolutely pertinent to set yourself apart from other candidates. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by putting together a comprehensive resume of your work history and… Read More »

Excel Invoice Template

If you happen to run a store or sell services to the public, you will want to make sure your clients are well aware of the prices they pay. This is why you should consider sending each of your clients an invoice. At first, it might seem a little time consuming to construct a new invoice for each… Read More »

Business Fax Cover Sheet

It is not rare for a business to send out tons of different faxes throughout a business day. In fact, this has become a very common practice of communication between businesses over the years. This is why it is so important for any business to have a business fax cover sheet. Whether you have been in business for… Read More »

Student Attendance Record

As a teacher, you will likely have hundreds of students a day that you need to keep track of. It would be almost impossible to commit to memory who showed up for class and who did not. This is why you need a little tool to help you out, and there simply is no better tool for this… Read More »

Payment Invoice Template

Businesses that provide services to the public rely on invoices to collect payments from customers. This document plays a huge role in collecting debt and maintaining the books. The first step is to create a payment invoice that outlines the details of the services provide and cost of materials and labor. You can do this in a matter… Read More »

Elevator Pitch Template

Are you responsible for coming up with new ideas for your corporation? Is it your duty to invent new products that may help your business turn a profit? Once you’ve conjured up a brand-new creation, you’ll probably think it is great. However, your bosses and colleagues may not feel the same. This is where you’ll want to use… Read More »

Employee Referral Form

As any business grows, they are going to have to hire employees in order to be able to handle the increase in workload. Hiring great individuals is going to be one of the most important aspects of ensuring that your business excels and succeeds. With that being said, it really can be tough to find good workers in… Read More »