Army Sworn Statement Template

By | August 11, 2016

As a investigating military official, you are responsible for initiating confidential investigations and documenting the details of the event from beginning to end. An army sworn statement template will aid in reducing the difficulty level of the documentation process. The sworn statement is legally binding so don’t be surprised if you end up in court repeating your experience. In order for the document to protect all parties involved in the mission, it will need to contain accurate, precise, and detailed data.

Getting It Right The First Time

Writing up a sworn statement is not the easiest task that you will endeavor, but with this readymade document you will find it less stressing. Every piece of information is important so be sure to include it in the written content. While, many officials may consider a minor detail unimportant, but the judge and jury will need this information to do their job appropriately. Document templates are designed in a formal or informal outline. Each document is set up, so the composer can edit the text surrounded by brackets, instead of starting from scratch.

Is A Document Template Effective?

Document templates are very effective, but it will solely be reliant on your effort, since you are the one that witnessed the entire event. You must remember that the written content should be based on first-hand information, because second-hand information is classified as pure speculation.

Army Sworn Statement

Sworn Statement.pdf