Baseball Lineup Template

By | July 31, 2016

As a pee wee or minor league coach, you will have so many responsibilities that it is nearly impossible to keep it with every detail. One of your major responsibilities will be devising a baseball lineup. Your team probably consists of 20 or more players, which makes it even more difficult to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to play at least one inning. Well, to eliminate the risks of living one of the players out of the lineup. You should consider drafting a professional-grade form, using the baseball lineup template.

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You will find an array of document templates of all different styles on our website. You simply need to choose one from the list and download it to Microsoft word. The next step will consist of replacing all text that is surrounded by brackets. You will need to input the team name and date, with separate categories for batting order, starting lineup, players name, position, substitutions, and score. Once you complete the design, you will need to download the document to your computer.

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After the download is complete, just send the document to the printer, and print. You can print out as many copies as you desire and distribute them to other members of your staff. The baseball lineup form will definitely make your job easier, while ensuring the players that they will have an opportunity to play.


Baseball Lineup Template