Cash Memo Template

By | March 26, 2017

Almost all modern businesses will sell goods or services at some point or another. With each transaction, there is a possibility for error. A single and simple error could easily spiral out of control and create far greater problems for your business. This is why your business will want to use the cash memo template for each of your clients.

Not An Invoice

Many people mistakenly believe that the cash memo is another name for the invoice. While they’re undoubtedly very similar, they’re also slightly different. The cash memo is actually delivered to the client, after they’re made their cash payment. On the other hand, the invoice is used to request the money from the client and therefore is sent before the transaction is completed.

Its Importance

Truly, using a cash memo is pertinent for all businesses. It will also prove to be very beneficial for the customer. The document will ultimately work like a receipt and will help you determine what was purchased, how much was paid and when the transaction was completed. For your business, the document will give you additional peace of mind, since you’ll know for certain that you were paid in full. It can also be beneficial for tax purposes. For the customer, the document will allow them to confirm that they received everything they ordered!

Microsoft Word Template


Cash Memo Template

Cash Memo Template