College Budget Template

By | March 14, 2017

Enrolling in a university or college, with full-time classes will mean you have little time for anything else. This also means that you will have to stretch every dollar you have, just to make ends meet. Many college students will tend to work on the weekend, so they have a little extra cash to spend for entertainment purposes. However, the key to not overspending is to create a doable college budget. Now, this seems like an easy task, but it can be rather timely and confusing, if you do not know how to approach it. Of course, you can take advantage of the college budget template and have it done in less than an hour.

Editable And Printable

Utilizing a template to create a college budget only makes since. This document is basically a copy of a budget that was devised by a professional or former college student. The template includes everything from the basics to the very important aspects that will ensure a balanced budget. Be sure to include your personal expenses and funds collected from part-time job and parents, student loans, financial aid, scholarships and miscellaneous income.

Be sure to document every expense, even when the item only cost a $1 and came from the college bookstore.

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college budget template

College budget template