DA Form 4856

By | September 10, 2016

It is no secret that the military is not for the faint of heart. Soldiers often see some horrendous things and it can take a toll on them mentally. It is very often that soldiers will sit down with a counselor, in order to get these things off of their chest. When this occurs, the counselor will need to make an official record of the correspondence. This can be done by utilizing the DA 4856 form.

When Is It Used?

This specific form is primarily utilized by army counselors. It should be used anytime a counseling session is conducted between the counselor and a soldier. Once the session has concluded, the document should be signed and both parties should keep a copy for their personal records. At the end of the day, the document will prove to be beneficial for both parties.

Benefits For The Counselor

When it comes down to it, this DA form will be very beneficial for the counselor and will help them carry out their duties more effective. By scanning over the previous forms, they’ll have a better idea of what was discussed previously and will detail the soldier’s problem. This will give them the ability to formulate a better plan of action, so they can remedy the soldier’s problem quicker and more effectively.


DA 4856 Form