Doctors Note Template

By | July 25, 2016

Despite going above and beyond to maintain good health, it is always possible to get sick. When you wind up getting the flu or a severe cold, you will want to make sure you remain at home, so you do not pass it on to someone else. When this occurs, you’ll want to make sure your employer or teacher knows precisely why you’re staying home. In this type of situation, you’ll want to use a doctors note template to your advantage. Continue reading below to find out below.

What It Does

The doctor’s note is truly simplistic and serves a basic purpose. It helps to ensure that a specific party or entity is aware of your illness and the reason you were unable to attend a previously scheduled engagement. Since the doctor’s note will be signed by a trainer medical professional, your teacher or boss will not be able to punish you for skipping work or school on that day.

Key Details

The doctor’s note really doesn’t need a whole lot of details. In fact, it requires very little. First and foremost, you should make sure that you leave plenty of space for the doctor’s signature. Also, you should leave an ample amount of space for any additional details the doctor would like to provide. For instance, he or she may wish to excuse you from work or school for several days and will need room for this information.


doctor note template