Elevator Pitch Template

By | March 19, 2017

Are you responsible for coming up with new ideas for your corporation? Is it your duty to invent new products that may help your business turn a profit? Once you’ve conjured up a brand-new creation, you’ll probably think it is great. However, your bosses and colleagues may not feel the same. This is where you’ll want to use the elevator pitch template to put together a persuasive pitch that will help seal the deal. You’ll find out how it works below.

A Basic Understanding

First, you should gain a basic understanding of the elevator pitch. This specific type of speech should be brief and straight to the point. As the name suggests, the speech should last no longer than 20 or 30 seconds, which tends to be the average duration of a typical elevator ride. And of course, the purpose of the speech should be to get others behind your idea!

Filling In The Blanks

Using the template is a great way to get started. The template will provide you with a good example of an effective elevator pitch. You can easily begin by filling in the blanks. Then, you can take things one step further and customize the speech even more. Using the template is always recommended, since it will simplify everything, while also allowing you to take a step in the right direction.

Microsoft Word Preview

Elevator Pitch Template

Elevator Pitch Template