Eviction Notice Template

By | July 28, 2016

If you are a landlord you probably already know that writing an eviction notice is never a fin thing. It is always unpleasant to have a tenant that does not follow the rules, but sometimes this is just the cost of doing business. Approaching the task in a professional manner will require the use of an eviction notice template.

What is An Eviction Notice?

An eviction notice is just basically a formal letter that is written by a landlord and issued to a tenant. The notice will state that there are some problems that need to be corrected by a certain date or the tenants will be forced to evacuate the premises. This letter gives the landlord proof that he or she notified the tenant of the issues and came them proper time to correct the issues. The letter will be the beginning of what is known as the eviction process.

What Should Be Included In The Eviction Notice

In order to write a proper eviction notice you need to know everything that should be include in the letter. To start off the notice should include the names and address of both the tenant and landlord. The reason for eviction should be clearly stated. For instance, this could be late rent payment, lease violation, or other legal problems. You also need to state what needs to be done to rectify the issue and include the date of the eviction.


Eviction Notice Template