Fax Cover Sheet Template

By | August 1, 2016

Do you fax a lot of information to your clients or employees? If so, you’ll understand that these individuals will often have questions regarding your transmission. It is truly impossible to provide a comprehensive rundown of the facts through a fax, so it is wise to provide these individuals with your contact information. In this type of situation, it is best to use a fax cover sheet. This document will serve a key purpose and will allow clients to get in touch with you immediately.

What It Does

When it comes down to it, the fax cover paper serves one purpose and one purpose alone. The document will contain your contact information. The document will provide your client with your contact information, so they can remain in touch easily. It allows the receiver to know precisely who has contacted them and how to get back in touch with the sender, if needed.

When To Use It

It is truly wise to use a cover sheet each and every time you send a fax. Whether you’re sending information to clients, employees, or business partners, the document should be used, so these individuals can respond to your inquiry without looking up your contact information. Also, the document can be used to showcase your company’s logo and slogan, so it can improve your brand.


fax cover sheet template