Field Trip Permission Slip Template

By | July 29, 2016

Do you happen to run a school or after-school organization? If so, you most certainly work alongside children. This can place a great deal of responsibility onto your shoulders. In order to avoid lawsuits and parent complaints, it is essential to do your best to protect these individuals. If you plan on taking the children away from school grounds for any period of time, it is essential to utilize field trip permission slip templates. Continue reading below to learn how they can help.

Details The Trip

When configuring your permission slip, you’ll want to make sure you provide all parents with as much information as possible. These individuals want to know precisely where their children will be taken and how long they’ll remain. Give a date, place, and time for the trip, so parents will know exactly what the trip will entail.

Get Permission

At the same time, it is essential to request permission from the parents. These individuals have the first say-so in whether or not their children will be able to participate in the event. If they deny you permission, you will not be able to take their children from school grounds. Therefore, you should provide a small place at the bottom for the parent’s signature. This will help you confirm that you did indeed gain permission ahead of time, in case anything goes wrong in the future.


Field Trip Permission Slip Template