Generic Medical Records Release Form

By | August 9, 2016

When a patient is admitted into the hospital, they often are put through an extensive workup. This workup will include a series invasive and non-invasive medical treatment. As a medical professional, you will need to monitor your patients’ progress, even when they are in the hospital. You will also need to schedule them a follow up appointment for ongoing outpatient management.

Systematic Medical Recording Process

Hospitals and in-patient clinics are forced to deal with large quantities of patient data. Most of these facilities already have a unique systematic medical recording process that is followed to a tee. Primary care physicians do not often go visit their patients in the hospital. While, this complicates things a bit, there are ways to overcome this issue. A generic medical records release form is document that allows patients and license medical professionals to obtain hospital records.

Legal Authorization

Not only can you utilize this document to obtain hospital medical records, but you can also utilize it for your patients. When you make a referral for a patient, you can request the patient to sign the form. This way the patient will have a copy of their medical records to give to the referring specialist. This form is very versatile and can be utilized by different professionals, including massage therapists, lawyers, and dentists.


Generic Medical Records Release Form