Job Reference List Template

By | August 9, 2016

When attempting to acquire a new job, you will be asked to provide a large quantity of information. Although some of the information, such as your name, physical address, and date of birth, will be basic, other details might not so easy to acquire. Your work history and references may require you to scour through your documents to acquire the information needed. Before heading online or visiting the potential employer in person, it is essential to prepare yourself and collect the information you will need.

The Basics

Employers will always ask for references, before hiring a candidate. References can provide great insight into the candidate’s past work performance and their willingness to serve their employer. So, you should always expect to be asked for two or three references. Keeping a job reference list is highly recommended. The document will guarantee you’re never caught off guard and always have reference information on hand.

Things To Remember

It is absolutely vital to remember that many employers will require professional references. Some will accept personal references, but most want to speak with those that have worked with you professional. With this in mind, it is wise to compile a list that includes a combination of professional and personal references. This will help to ensure that you’re fully prepared for any situation you face.


Job Reference List Template

Job Reference List