Mechanics Lien Form

By | September 11, 2016

Do you work on private property frequently? If so, you’ll want to protect yourself from problems by utilizing the mechanics lien form. The document can be used for government property as well and will be attached to the amount of money the public has set aside for the project. Anyone, who will be working on any type of public or private project, should consider using their document to protect their interests.

Who Can File It?

First, you should realize that almost anyone can find the mechanic’s lied. If you’re going to be providing labor or materials for the repair, construction or renovation of a building or structure, you can find the document. The laws vary depending on the specific state in question, so it is essential to check with your specific state’s statutes, before moving forward. In Tennessee, engineers and architects can also use this document.

When To File

When it comes down to it, you’ll need to submit your document early, so it will be valid when the work is started. Those that have a direct contract with the property owner should submit the document as early as possible. Within the state of TN, they’ll have 1 year from the last worked day to file it. Subcontractors only have 90 days to submit the lien.


Mechanics Lien Form