Network Security Policy Template

By | March 15, 2017

There is no doubt that it would be downright catastrophic if a hacker managed to breach your company’s network. This will give them direct access to your company’s private information, while simultaneously allowing them to gain access to your client’s private details. Implementing an effective network security protocol will be pertinent for your company’s future. This is why you should use the network security policy template to create a policy that will be effective and readily available to each and every one of your employees.

What To Include

When sitting down and crafting your company’s network security protocol, it is pertinent to make sure a handful of necessities are included. For instance, you should layout rules for your employee’s passwords. What type of passwords are acceptable and how often should they be changed? Give the employee tips for creating a password that cannot be cracked easily!

Also, make sure that the employee is aware that their password should never be given to another or written down haphazardly.

Get It Out There

Once you’ve finalized your network security policy, it is pertinent to get it out there in front of your employees. You should consider having a company meeting and distributing a copy to each individual. Also, make sure that copies are available throughout the workplace, so your employees will always be reminded of good workplace safety protocols.

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Network Security Policy Template

network security policy template