Nursing Resignation Letter

By | August 5, 2016

The nursing career tends to experience a large turnaround for a handful of reasons. Nursing is downright grueling and will put an immense amount of pressure onto the nurse. At the same time, job availability is plentiful, so nurses are consistently looking for improved positions, better benefits, and improved wages. If you’re contemplating a major career move, you should first submit your nursing resignation letter. This will let your current employer know that you appreciate them and cherished your job, but it is time for you to move forward and seek betterment elsewhere.

How To Submit It

When it comes down to it, submitting this letter isn’t all that difficult. You just need to know the right person to contact. First, you may want to consider handing the document to your primary boss. He or she will take the letter and make sure it is submitted to the appropriate individual. Alternatively, it is also possible to submit the document to your company’s human resources department.

When To Submit

Although you may not like your current employer, it is still wise to provide them with an ample amount of time to cover your position. With this in mind, you should generally give a two-week notification, before quitting your job. Handing over the document at least two-weeks, before your departure is recommended.


Nursing Resignation Letter