P&L Template

By | September 10, 2016

If you run a business, you will understand how important it is to minimize your losses, while increasing your profits. Failing to do so will result your business meeting a premature end. If you’re able to succeed and push your profits higher than your losses, you will be able to ensure your business flourishes well into the future. One way to keep track of this information is by utilizing the P&L template.

What To Include

The P&L document will differ substantially and its contents will depend on the specific type of business you’re running. For instance, an alcoholic beverage store would have difficult information than a video game retailer. Nonetheless, the fundamentals are basically identical. The document should provide a breakdown of the items sold during the current period, as well as the cost of operations or sales. The current year to date statistics can also be added to the document for comparison.

How It Helps

The P&L document will prove to be beneficial, since it’ll let you know precisely how much you’ve spent to make your profits. You’ll know how much you spent for beer and how much revenue was acquired from the sale of that beer. This will give you the ability to decrease unprofitable items from your inventory, while stocking up on those that generate a higher profit.


p&l template