Police Report Template

By | July 28, 2016

Law enforcement officers are always on the go, leaving them very little time to document their daily activities. A police report template can be utilized for many different applications, including investigation, non-urgent, and urgent incident reporting. Accuracy is a necessity, when it comes to police reporting, because many times these incidents will end up in court.

Editable Text

A police report template is designed to replicate a real police report. You can also customize this document to make it more compatible with your line of policing. Basically all you need to do is edit the text in each category. Delete the text and replace it with your detailed information. If you want something a little less complicated, you will always have the option of utilizing a blank template, so you can add relevant fields and categories.

Witness Interviews

As mentioned above, you can design your police report to suit your needs and preferences. Add timeline, witness interview, incident detail, and action taken categories, so all you will need to do is fill in the written details. Once you complete each police report, you can electronically sign and email it to the appropriate agency. You will also have the option of printing it out for your personal records.



Police Report Template