Prescription Pad Template

By | July 30, 2016

As a licensed physician, you are responsible for diagnosing and treating patients. When your patients need treatment, it is most of the time in the form of medication. With this being said, you probably have your prescription pad on your persons at all times. You probably go through 4 or 5 prescription pads each week, which drives up the costs of running a small practice. Well, did you know that you could save money with the prescription pad template?

Suitable For All Medical Practitioners

The document template is suitable for all medical practitioners, whether you are an optometrist or an entomologist, you can benefit from using it. The only expense that you will need to worry about is the paper. To make your prescription pad look for professional and authentic, you will need to invest in tamper resistant EMR laser Rx paper.

Editing Details

Once you find a template that is suitable for your needs and preferences, you will need to do a little editing. The only content that needs editing is the text that is surrounded by brackets. Just delete the text and replace it with your own information. Once you complete this step, you will need to download the document to your computer, and print it. The end results will be astonishing and no one would ever guess that you created them right in your office.


Prescription Pad Template