Presentation Evaluation Form Templates

By | August 3, 2016

As a teacher you are going to grade and evaluate your students on a daily basis. Grading simple yes or no questions is going to be easy, but when it comes to grading presentations you are going to be faced with a much harder task. Presentations do not have a right and wrong answer. Rather you have to consider the all of the material that was covered and how the student responded to each. Was the material covered in great enough detail? Was all the detailed information correct? If you need help with grading presentations, you can utilize presentation evaluation form templates.

What Is This Document?

This type of document can assist teachers and even business owners with grading presentations. Whether it is an oral presentation or a power point presentation, this document will make your job easier. Be sure to include questions that will help you assess how well the student presented their project or idea.

What Is Included In The Document?

Included within this document you will find questions about the introduction of the presentation. Did the introduction capture the attention of the audience? Was the purpose of the presentation made clear? There will also be questions about the organization of the presentation. Was the presentation clearly organized? Did the presentation lead to a clear conclusion? You will also find imperative questions about the connect that was presented. Did the speaker support the facts of their content? Was all of the content up to date?


Presentation Evaluation Form Templates