Printable BMI Chart

By | September 10, 2016

The body mass index or BMI is the measurement of body fat, based on weight and height. The printable BMI chart is designed for adult females and males that are trying to get a handle on their weight. It is very simple to utilize and generally accurate as long as the user knows their true body weight and height. Millions of people are struggling with obesity and the numbers continue to increase on a daily basis. It is up to you to make the right decision and that decision should include altering your lifestyle for the better.

Easy Formulations

There are several different charts that allow you calculate your BMI. Many people like to utilize multiple charts, so they can compare the results, just to make sure they are accurate. Each chart is designed to help you approximate your body stature, with a color-coded palette that shows each weight classification. Obese, overweight, normal, and underweight classifications are embedded into the chart, utilizing different colors. This will give you an idea of where you stand on the BMI scale and show you how much weight you need to lose or gain.

Downloadable And Printable

Monitoring your caloric intake and workout can be challenging, especially when your daily schedule is filled with chores, work, and other activities. Our BMI charts are downloadable and printable, so you can take them with you everywhere you go. Whenever you have a free moment, you can simply pull out the chart to check your progress.