PTO Request Form

By | September 10, 2016

The mass majority of workers in the United States receives a specific amount of paid time off each and every year. Once the year has concluded, the clock will reset and you’ll receive the same or a greater amount of time for the next year. Since this time is allotted to you, it is essential to make sure you use it, before the year ends. Before you’re allowed to take the time off, you will need to submit the PTO request form and get your employer’s authorization.

Make It Work

To ensure your PTO request will be accepted, you should include the appropriate information. First, you should provide your name, contact information, employee number, and your current position with the company. You should also include information about your absence. Why are you requesting time off? How long will you be away and when do you expect to return? This information will give the employer a better chance of making the right choice for everyone involved.

Submit In Advance

In most cases, employers will require you to submit this form well in advance. More request at least 30 or 60 days’ notice. This will give them the ability to accommodate your absence and ensure your duties will be carried out by a replacement, during your time off.


PTO Request Form