Raci Chart Template

By | September 5, 2016

There are many responsibilities that you must tackle, if you run a business or manage a project. In order to ensure that your daily objectives are completed before the day has concluded, you’ll need to breakdown larger goals into small tasks, before shelling them out to your workers. One way to accomplish this task is by using the RAM, responsibility assignment matrix. The Raci chart template will allow you to easily layout the tasks to complete before the project as a whole is finished.

What Is It?

Before going any further, you should gain better insight into the RACI chart. RACI breaks down to responsible, accountable, consults, and informed. By following this formula, you will know precisely who is responsible for completing the work and achieving the task, as well as who will be held accountable if the task isn’t completed on time or in a satisfactory manner. Truly, the document covers all aspects of the project.


The RACI chart can be very useful in many situations. In general, it is used when there is a need to distribute tasks across several departments. Since it may be impossible to consult with everyone directly, the chart will supplement your communication and will let everyone know what they’re ordered to do, who to consult with, and who to inform when the work is completed.


Raci Chart Template