Sponsor Sheet Template

By | July 24, 2016

If you happen to run a charity or nonprofit organization, you’ll find yourself soliciting donations regularly. In order to ensure all monies are used to the fullest, it is essential to keep track of sponsors and the quantity donated by each. Although it may be possible to keep track of this information through other means, utilizing a sponsor sheet template is undeniably the most efficient and convenient. Continue reading below to learn more about a sponsor sheet.

Basic Details

The name of the document should speak for itself. A sponsor sheet is nothing more than a document, which contains information regarding a group of sponsors or donors. It could truly be used in a wide array of circumstances and may be used by political groups or charitable organizations. The form can also be used by businesses in order to keep track of past and present sponsorships.

What Is Included

Although it is possible to customize the template to meet almost any situation, there are some key details, which are almost always found on such documents. First and foremost, the sponsor’s name and donation amount should be included. It is also possible to include contact information, such as the sponsor’s physical address and phone number. At the bottom of the document, you should provide a calculation of the total amount raised.


sponsor sheet template