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Franchise Agreement Template

A franchise agreement is a professional document, comprised of terms that have been agreed upon by all parties involved. It contains varying details, such as franchise fees, term length, tax identification number, trademark and trade name. It is in your best interest to use this document, because it can protect you and the other parties from fraud. Of… Read More »

Residential Lease Agreement

Do you work as a landlord or intend to rent out a piece of property in the future? If so, you’ll need to understand the potential complications that could occur. The renter may disobey the rules and do extensive damage to the property. Or, they may fail to pay their rent. In order to ensure that you’ll be… Read More »

Land Purchase Agreement

Are you currently in the process of purchasing a piece of property? Congratulations! This is truly a major accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. Unfortunately, purchasing land can be risky and those new to real estate are more prone to scams. Therefore, it is pertinent to make sure a land purchase agreement is completed and signed… Read More »

Car Purchase Agreement

Purchasing a vehicle can be very risky. You never really know what a used vehicle has been through, until it is too late. You could potentially be walking into a trap. With this in mind, it is absolutely essential to protect your investment by using a car purchase agreement. This document may not prevent you from dealing with… Read More »

Room Rental Agreement

If you are a landlord, you have a lot of responsibilities. Your renters will also have a lot of responsibilities they must abide by. As a landlord it will be imperative that you make the responsibilities clear when the renter first takes on the rental property. There is no better way to do this than by using a… Read More »

Month-To-Month Rental Agreement

Being responsible for rental property can be a pain, especially if you are new to the industry. Most landlords struggle to maintain control of their properties, because many tenants turn out to be unsuitable. Of course, you always have those great tenants that bide by the terms of the rental agreement and never stray from the beaten path.… Read More »

Hold Harmless Agreement Template

Almost everyone is at risk of being sued, but companies and legal professionals are always going to be at a higher risk. The only way to genuinely protect your company from an unforeseen legal claim is by utilizing a hold harmless agreement. These documents are binding in a court of law, but they must be completed in the… Read More »

Sublease Agreement

So, you just signed a lease on an apartment or house and you lost your job. You are now forced to take another job in a different state, yet remain under lease. What are you going to do? You do not want to be stuck paying two rent payments. You do have the option of subleasing your apartment.… Read More »

Subcontractor Agreement

There may come in a time in your life, when you’re responsible for working with a subcontractor. Contractors often divvy out work to subcontractors, when they’re unable to complete the work on their own or simply wish to get the job completed in a much quicker manner. Hiring a subcontractor can be very beneficial, but there are a… Read More »

Horse Lease Agreement

Do you run a farm? If so, you may find yourself in dire need of a brand new horse. Unfortunately, purchasing a horse flat out can be very costly and may not be reasonable in your current situation. If this is the case, you may want to consider leasing a horse. This form of horse ownership will give… Read More »

Private Label Agreement Template

As a manufacturer, you must protect your business interests at all costs. If you produce products and offer them under another company’s trademark, you are probably familiar with the private label agreement template. This document is designed in a formal format and includes all the details of the agreement. The details are extremely important, because if they are… Read More »

Partnership Agreement Template

In today’s economy, many business owners find it difficult to stay afloat. Instead of closing the door of your establishment, you should consider partnering with other entrepreneurs. Of course, this is much easier said than done, since it is nearly impossible to find someone that is reliable, trustworthy, and available. Once you find this person, you will definitely… Read More »

Contract Agreement Templates

Contracts can be used for a wide assortment of different reasons. They can be used by contractors, actors, and even employment agencies. Before carrying out any type of work, it is pertinent to make sure you’re covered and protected from potential disputes. This is why it is wise to use contract agreement templates for each and every one… Read More »

Loan Agreement Templates

Are you involved in a business, which lends out money to others? There are millions of people all around the country that could use some extra cash from paycheck to paycheck. Oftentimes, these individuals reach out to lending companies and even friends to cover the excess costs. Anyone involved in such work should always use loan agreement templates… Read More »

Car Lease Agreement Template

In today’s society, it is nearly impossible to make it through life, without owning a vehicle. Without a reliable car, you should have a terrible time trying to make it back and forth to school, work, and to the grocery store. Unfortunately, vehicles are anything, but affordable and their reliability is usually disappointing. So, it is common for… Read More »