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Elevator Pitch Template

Are you responsible for coming up with new ideas for your corporation? Is it your duty to invent new products that may help your business turn a profit? Once you’ve conjured up a brand-new creation, you’ll probably think it is great. However, your bosses and colleagues may not feel the same. This is where you’ll want to use… Read More »

Billing Statement Template

Public service providers, retailers, ecommerce companies, insurers and primary care clinics utilize a billing statement to collect payments from customers, patients and clients. This document plays a huge role in managing incoming payments and bookkeeping, along with keeping in touch with customers. The statement will be sent out on a one-time or monthly basis, depending on the amount… Read More »

Business Letterhead Stationery

An Exploration Of Business Letterhead Stationery Any business is constantly sending out documentation to partners and clients. Whether it is invoices or e-mails, you are likely communicating with customers and business partners on a daily basis. Of course, these individuals can look at the invoice or e-mail and see your business name, which will tell them which company… Read More »

Business Letter Template

If you’re responsible for running and managing a business, it is highly likely you will be required to send letters to others. While some people scoff at the idea of letters, this form of communication can be enormously reliable and slightly more professional than modern email. Of course, setting up a letter can be fairly complex, since everything… Read More »

Corporate Bylaws Template

An organization cannot function, without proper bylaws. These rules apply to every member of the organization, including you. It is crucial to devise a set of bylaws that are legitimate and understandable. It is crucial to include the important details of the corporation, including the name and physical address. The corporate bylaws template is perfect for officials that… Read More »

Church Bylaws Template

If you are planning on starting a new non-charitable, such as a church or club, you will need to start by developing a constitution. This is an extremely difficult task to complete, especially for someone, who is unfamiliar with the processes. There are so many intricate details that must be embedded into the content, along with principles and… Read More »

Goal Setting Template

Are you involved in a lot of fundraising activities? Or are you currently working to try and slim down your waistline? If you answered yes to one or both of these question, you may want to consider downloading and utilizing the goal setting template to your advantage. This document can be used for an abundance of purposes, but it… Read More »

Church Bulletin Templates

Do you work with a church? If so, you are responsible for keeping your church’s attendees up to date with the events taking place within your community. By letting them know about your facility’s events ahead of time, they’ll be able to better prepare and make sure they’re able to attend. Failing to do so could result in… Read More »

Used Car Contract

Operating a used car lot is rewarding. You can offer consumers great deals on used vehicles and get the opportunity to earn big profits. Of course, this would not be possible without the proper legal documents. A used car contract is a necessity, because it provides consumers with all the details of the sale. It can also help… Read More »

Physical Exam Template

If you sincerely care about your health, you’ll want to get a physical checkup every so often. Doing so will give you the ability to know about any health problems you may have early, so you can take action immediately. Sometimes, early detection can make the difference between life and death. When getting a physical, you’ll want to… Read More »

Petition Letter

The world isn’t perfect and it probably never will be. This doesn’t mean that you should sit around and accept society’s injustices. Over the years, a handful of laws have been amended and others have been put into place to further protect the citizens of the United States. These laws didn’t appear out of nowhere. Some started as… Read More »

Performance Review Template

Are you responsible for monitoring the performance of an employee or group of employees? If so, you’ll understand that you’ll need to make minor tweaks along the way, in order to increase the group’s productivity and to make them as efficient as possible. Carefully reviewing their current performance will give you better insight into potential problems, so you… Read More »

30 Day Notice Template

As an employee, it is your responsibility to work hard each and every day. Your employer pays you well and they deserve your respect. Of course, change is sometimes very beneficial. Making a career change may result in better pay, improved opportunities, and more benefits. If you do decide to change jobs, it is pertinent to make your… Read More »