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Employee Referral Form

As any business grows, they are going to have to hire employees in order to be able to handle the increase in workload. Hiring great individuals is going to be one of the most important aspects of ensuring that your business excels and succeeds. With that being said, it really can be tough to find good workers in… Read More »

DD Form 93

Those that work within the armed forced will understand the incredible importance of documenting key events. Anytime something happens the event should be recorded in writing and the document should be stored away for future reference. The DD Form 93 helps to ensure enough information is on hand, so the appropriate individuals can be contacted in the event… Read More »

DA 4856 Form

It is no secret that the military is not for the faint of heart. Soldiers often see some horrendous things and it can take a toll on them mentally. It is very often that soldiers will sit down with a counselor, in order to get these things off of their chest. When this occurs, the counselor will need… Read More »

Mechanics Lien Form

Do you work on private property frequently? If so, you’ll want to protect yourself from problems by utilizing the mechanics lien form. The document can be used for government property as well and will be attached to the amount of money the public has set aside for the project. Anyone, who will be working on any type of… Read More »

DD Form 214

If you’ve ever served in the military, you’ll know firsthand that everything you see and do will be recorded in one way or another. Your entry into the military will be recorded in one document, while the actions you carry out will be recorded by another. And of course, the DD Form 214 will be utilized when you… Read More »

Time Off Request Form

As a good worker, you’ll understand that your responsibilities do not end, when you punch out at the end of the day. It is in your best interest to always think about your job, before doing anything that could potentially get your reprimanded at work. One thing employers hate is employees, who fail to notify them of an… Read More »

Direct Deposit Form Template

Workers expect to be paid in full and on time each and every week or biweekly. If workers do not receive their hard earned money, they’ll be furious and may work away for their duties. While some workers prefer receiving a paper check, others find that cashing the check is too tedious. This is why it is generally… Read More »

DD Form 1970

The Department of Defense is a very important branch of the federal government. As a member of the department, you will be permitted to utilize vehicles that belong to the federal government. For this reason, the DOD is responsible for keeping track of every official that utilizes one of these vehicles. Before utilizing a government vehicle, you will… Read More »

DD Form 1172

If you’ve worked with the Department of Defense, you’ll know that this organization does everything by the book. They will not let you enter their facilities, without the proper identification. If you have lost your identification, you’re going to find yourself in a bad situation. When this happens, you will need to submit the DD form 1172, so… Read More »

DA Form 4187

Are you interested in joining the American military? You’re not the only one. There are thousands of Americans, who enter the armed forced each and every year. Before they’ll able to do so, they’ll need to be evaluated to ensure they’re properly prepared for the task ahead. During the evaluation process, the officer in charge will utilize the… Read More »

Vacation Request Form

Although you might have disputes with your employer from time to time, it is impossible to say that your employer hasn’t treated you well over the years. They provide you with a steady stream of income and excellent benefits. In order to repay the favor and to show your respect for the company, it is essential to make… Read More »