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Salary Increase Letter Template From Employer To Employee

Is it about time that you ask your boss for a raise? If so, you may find it easier to do it in a form of a professional letter. Many employees are hesitant about asking their employer for a raise, even though they have been employed with the company for innumerable years. If you play your cards right,… Read More »

Proof Of Income Letter

If you have ever applied for a line of credit, a loan, or rental agreement, you probably already know that they are going to ask for proof of income. This type of document usually comes in the form of a letter written by your employer, or accountant. However, you can create your own proof of income letter by… Read More »

Nursing Resignation Letter

The nursing career tends to experience a large turnaround for a handful of reasons. Nursing is downright grueling and will put an immense amount of pressure onto the nurse. At the same time, job availability is plentiful, so nurses are consistently looking for improved positions, better benefits, and improved wages. If you’re contemplating a major career move, you… Read More »

Financial Aid Appeal Letter

College and vocational school tuition is continuously increasing, making a college degree out of reach for many people. Of course, you will receive some financial aid, based on your annual income. As you well know, your financial status can change without a moment’s notice. When this occurs, it may very well affect your ability to enroll in the… Read More »

Proof Of Employment Letters

As a business owner, you will be responsible for assisting the employee with a few personal matters. Now, this does not necessarily mean that you are going to be forced to get on a personal level with each employee. No, it only means that you will need to respond to all work validation requests from the employees’ bank,… Read More »

Letter Of Resignation Teacher

As a teacher, there may come a time when you decide to resign from your current position and move on to another phase of your life. Perhaps, you are moving to a higher paid teaching position, maybe you are retiring, or you might just be looking to get out of the teaching field. Whatever the situation is you… Read More »

Authorization Letter Sample

Whether you’re attempting to deal with financial or legal issues, there may come a time, when you’ll need to grant someone else the right to act on behalf. To make this happen, it is essential to put the authorization in writing. Using the authorization letter sample can help you solve this problem quickly, easily, and you won’t have… Read More »

Petition Template

There are hundreds of petitions filed with federal government agencies throughout the United States monthly. These petitions are designed to bring attention to a specific matter that requires a political address. Unfortunately, some of these applications will never make it past the courthouse, because they are poorly outlined. If you are considering filing a petition in the court… Read More »

Sample Letter Of Recommendation For Graduate School

If you wish to achieve the most out of life, it is absolutely essential to acquire some form of higher education. Doing so will give you the ability to acquire a higher paying job with better benefits. Getting accepted to college or university can be difficult, since so many students wish to do the same. One way to… Read More »

Professional Thank You Letter

Do you work within a professional setting alongside many other businessmen and women? From time to time, it is likely that you will require assistance from one or more of these individuals. You may need their help completing a project before the deadline. Regardless of the reason, you will want to make sure these individuals are thanked for… Read More »

Sponsorship Thank You Letter

Do you happen to run an organization or non-profit? If so, it is highly likely that you work with sponsors on a regular basis. These groups are responsible for funding your events and giving you the money needed to achieve your goals. In order to show your gratitude to these individuals, it is recommended that you send them… Read More »

Donation Letter Templates

Are you amid planning a major fundraiser, but having difficulty trying to reach a broader audience? If so, maybe it is time to consider utilizing the donation letter. No, you do not need to hire a printing shop to develop these documents for you. The donation letter template is a preformatted sample that can be altered in various… Read More »

Thank You Letter To Boss

Although the mass majority of individual despise their bosses, there are some good ones out there. If you happen to have a good boss, who sincerely cares about you and your wellbeing, you’ll want to make sure you remain on his or her good side. If your boss does something nice for you, it is a good idea… Read More »

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

Are you currently trying to get into a good college? Once you’ve graduated from high school, it is time to begin preparing for a career. Attending college is a necessity and will help to ensure you’re able to earn a good living and live a good life. Unfortunately, college won’t be a cakewalk and not everyone will be… Read More »