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Travel Reimbursement Policy Template

Contract companies, law firms and home care clinics provide their employees with travel reimbursement. This is a benefit that financially supports the employees for their travels, while on duty. Without it, the employees would be forced to pay these expenses out of pocket. With this said, it is up to the employer to provide each employee with a… Read More »

Company Policy Template

Every company has its own unique policies and procedures that establish the rules of conduct and outline the responsibilities of employers and employees. Without these policies, the company would not prosper, because the employees and staff members would have not idea of their job duties or responsibilities. Of course, creating policies and documenting them on paper is truly… Read More »

Travel Policy Template

Understanding The Travel Policy Template And Its Use As a business owner, you will have two different categories of employees. You will have those that will work in the office place each and every day. You will also have one or two employees that will go out into the world in hopes of tracking down new clients and… Read More »

Procurement Policy Template

The mass majority of companies in today’s world do not operate without a little bit of assistance. A tech company will not be able to turn on their computers, until the electrician has hooked up the electricity. All companies will need to acquire services or goods at some point in the future. This is a right way and… Read More »

Network Security Policy Template

There is no doubt that it would be downright catastrophic if a hacker managed to breach your company’s network. This will give them direct access to your company’s private information, while simultaneously allowing them to gain access to your client’s private details. Implementing an effective network security protocol will be pertinent for your company’s future. This is why… Read More »

Policy Brief Template

Writing a policy can be a timely process, especially if it entails hundreds of pages of documents. As you know, the policy makers do not have the extra time to read through an entire policy. Instead, you will need to take advantage of the policy brief template, which is a ready made document that can be altered and… Read More »

IT Policy Template

Setting up an IT policy framework takes a lot of patience, time and research. However, you can make this task easier, if you are willing to envelop the IT policy procedure template into your master plan. If you want to ensure a fully operational IT department, you will do whatever is necessary to make sure the policy documentation… Read More »

Document Retention Policy Template

Do you run a non-profit organization or business? If so, you will need to understand the importance of making sure your employees follow certain protocols. If your employees break the rules, it could hurt your business severely in the long run. In today’s age, it is enormously important to keep track of the documents your organization has made.… Read More »