Time Off Request Form

By | September 10, 2016

As a good worker, you’ll understand that your responsibilities do not end, when you punch out at the end of the day. It is in your best interest to always think about your job, before doing anything that could potentially get your reprimanded at work. One thing employers hate is employees, who fail to notify them of an impending absence from work. If you’re going to be away from work, you need to let them know about it ahead of time. Using the time off request form is recommended.

What It Does

Truly, the time off request serves a single purpose, but the repercussions are enormous. The document is submitted to your employee in an attempt to gain permission to be allowed to miss work for a specific period of time. If you were to take off work, without submitting this document, you could potentially get scolded upon your return. And, if you’ve done it repeatedly, you could even get sacked.

How To Use It

When attempting to request time off of work, you need to provide your employer with the right information. First and foremost, you should tell them precisely why you need time off work. Be sure that the excuse is legitimate. Secondly, you should provide them with a timeline for your absence. How long will you be gone and when will you return? This will help you get the time off, without facing any turmoil when you do return.


Time Off Request Form