Travel Reimbursement Policy Template

By | March 21, 2017

Contract companies, law firms and home care clinics provide their employees with travel reimbursement. This is a benefit that financially supports the employees for their travels, while on duty. Without it, the employees would be forced to pay these expenses out of pocket. With this said, it is up to the employer to provide each employee with a copy of the travel reimbursement policy. This policy outlines the details of the travel request regulations, reimbursement procedures, receipts and per diem rates. All of this information must be included in the reimbursement policy, so the employee knows exactly how to complete and submit claims.

Virtual Or Paper Document  

As an employer, you will need to sit down and devise the policy in a user-friendly outline. If you have never done this before, you may find the task very challenging. This is why many people choose to utilize a copy of a policy that was created by an expert. The readymade document contains every aspect of all procedural processes, while allowing users to make necessary edits.

Once the document is edited, with the business information, you will be able to distribute it to employees via email. You can also print off a copy for the office, just to make sure each and every employee has access to it.

Microsoft Word Preview

Travel Reimbursement Policy

Travel Reimbursement Policy