Trip Report Template

By | August 3, 2016

There are thousands of business people, who are required to travel for business purposes. You may be required to travel outside of your residential location, in order to meet with potential investors or to try and convince a business to purchase your company’s products. It is vital to remember that your trip is not for pleasure. By using the trip report template to keep a detailed record of your travels, you’ll be able to prove to your employer that you’ve worked hard for the duration of the trip.

When To Use It

The trip report can be utilized effectively in a wide array of situations. As mentioned above, it can be used by business people so their bosses can keep up with them. It can also be used by truckers to detail the miles they have traveled each and every day. And, taxi drivers may also opt to use the document to keep track of their miles, passengers, and their earnings.

How To Use It

Using the trip report is truly simplistic and the document will prove to be immensely beneficial. At various stages of your trip, you should check your vehicle’s odometer and write it down on the document. You should also take note of your location, the time, and your purpose for being in the area. Once you’ve returned from your trip, the document will be a testament to the hard work you’ve put forth for your company!


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Trip Report Template