8 Team Tournament Bracket Template

By | August 8, 2016

It is no secret that Americans truly love their sports. Many Americans sit around their televisions each and every weekend to catch the latest games. Although these sporting events can be fun without any additional enhancements, it is possible to make the experience even better with a little bit of betting. Gambling isn’t a necessity. Instead, you can setup your own competition amongst your friends and co-workers with the use of the 8 team tournament bracket.

How It Works

When it comes down to it, the tournament bracket is fairly simple. It will contain a specific number of empty slots. Each participant in your event will receive their own blank bracket and will be able to fill it out with their guesses. Once the tournament has ended, the contestant, who was the most accurate, will be declared the winner.

Ways To Use It

All in all, there is an abundance of way to utilize this document. As mentioned above, it can be used amongst friends. Workplaces may also setup a betting pool, as a way to increase the morale of their employees and to boost teamwork. Or, the bracket can be used by charitable organizations. Charities can setup community betting pools and accept donations from those that enter. Although it is best to give out a reward to the winner, the rest of the earnings can be used for your charity.


8 Team Tournament Bracket