Client Information Sheet

By | August 1, 2016

Whether you’re a doctor, veterinarian or a HVAC contractor, you most likely work with dozens of clients each and every week. Keeping up with these individuals can be immensely difficult and you’ll need a good eye for details, in order to keep everything sorted. Using a client information sheet will give you the ability to maintain records of all clients, so you won’t cross any lines along the way. The document will change depending on your line of work, but it’ll always prove to be beneficial.

What It Contains

The contents of the client sheet will change dramatically depending on your line of work. Nonetheless, it’ll always contain the client’s name, contact information, and specific information regarding the client’s demands. If used by a vet, the document will contain information about the client’s pet, the pet’s condition, and a brief treatment plan for the animal.

Its Benefits

When it comes down to it, this document can be immensely beneficial. It’ll give you the ability to avoid mistaking one client for another, while also ensuring you have rapid access to all client’s contact details. By scouring through the sheet, you’ll quickly be able to identify a specific client, their problem, and their contact details. This will ultimately save you time, energy, and will give you the ability to serve the client to the best of your ability.


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Client Information Sheet