Deal Memo Template

By | August 27, 2016

If you are responsible for hiring outside workers or contractors from time to time, you’ll understand that dealing with these individuals can be a little more difficult than dealing with regular employees. Their pay rates may differ substantially, so it will be essential to craft a specific agreement for each and every one of these individuals. Using the deal memo template is one way to solve this problem.

How It Works

The deal memo is a document, which lays out the details of a specific deal. In generally, it is used by employees when they hire outside workers. The document will include details about the employee, the work they’re expected to carry out, and the compensation they will receive for their help. It is also possible to add information regarding the duration of the work agreement. And of course, all parties should sign the document at the bottom to make it official.

Why Use It?

It is incredibly important for both sides of the arrangement to make sure the deal memo is completed and signed. Once the document is completed and validated, both parties will know precisely what needs to be done and this will help to improve the work relationship, while ensuring everything goes smoothly. The document will also help to quell pay complaints, while ensuring the laborer is able to receive exactly what was guaranteed in the first place.


Deal Memo Template