Exit Ticket Template

By | August 9, 2016

Are you currently in the process of setting up an education event? Whether or not you know it, providing attendees with an exit ticket can be very beneficial. The mass majority of consumers are familiar with the entry ticket, but most are not even aware of an exit ticket. By using the exit ticket template to craft your own ticket and provide it with your event’s attendees, you’ll be able to make sure nobody is able to forget your event.

How It Works

When it comes down to it, the exit ticket is simply a piece of paper, which is handed out at the end of your event. The document can be used for various purposes, but it is frequently used to make sure all attendees are able to remember your event for many years to come. The piece of paper can discuss the things that were talked about during the event and students can use it to take note of things they wish to discuss with their parents, when they arrive home.

Why Use It?

As an educator, the most pertinent reason for using this document is to make sure your event was educational and beneficial for your students. The document will allow your students to take a vital lesson from your event home with them and it’ll encourage them to talk to their parents about the lesson learned.


exit ticket template