Job Application Template

By | July 25, 2016

It is nearly impossible to run any type of business without a solid team of reliable workers. Unfortunately, recruiting good employees can be more difficult than you could ever imagine. In order to ensure your business is equipped for success, you’ll need to vet and screen all potential candidates, before finally making your pick. This is why you’ll want to use a job application template. Below, you’ll learn what needs to be included for success.

Work Experiences

The basics of the job application should be evident. These include things like the employee’s name and contact details. Once you’ve gotten these formalities out of the way, you’ll want to gain insight into the candidate’s past work experiences. How long have they worked? Where have they worked and why did they leave? Old habits are hard to kill, so the candidate’s work performance in the past will likely correlate closely with his or her performance for you.


It is also vital to collect references. Depending on your specific situation and industry, you may want to only accept bosses, teachers and professors are references, but many businesses will also allow friends and co-workers. Nonetheless, make sure this information is included, so you can contact the references and gain further insight into the candidate. This information is precisely what is needed to ensure you can weed out the bad candidates and hire the best employees you can possibly find.


Job application template