Pantone Color Chart

By | August 27, 2016

If you’ve been around the interior design business or happen to paint, you will understand that there are millions of color hues. In fact, there are so many different hues that it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with all of them. Whether you’re trying to find the right color for your living room walls or want to mix the right hue for your landscape painting, you’ll want to take advantage of the Pantone color chart.

What Is It?

In all likelihood, you’ve probably seen this chart at some point or another. However, you were probably unaware of its name. The chart simply contains a large quantity of colors and a name for each. It may also include different shades for each. The size and scope of the document will vary substantially. Some are very simplistic, while others are massive and contain hundreds of different colors.

When It Is Used?

Truly, this color chart can be utilized in an assortment of different situations. As mentioned above, it can be used by interior designers. These individuals will use the chart to find colors, which work will with the home’s current color scheme. Artists can use the chart to aid with the mixing of paint, so they can find the perfect hue for their grass, sky, barn, or other elements. Makeup artists and others may also find this chart very beneficial.


 Pantone Color Chart