Perfect Attendance Certificate Template

By | July 31, 2016

If you work as a teacher or happen to employ a small group of people, you’ll understand how rare it truly is to find someone that maintains a perfect attendance record. Individuals, who manage to achieve this feat, as undoubtedly dedicate to their job or education and they should be rewarded for their dedication and commitment. Perfect attendance certificate templates can be used to praise these individuals and reward their excellent behavior.

Rewarding Students

Students, especially those in their youth, often have a difficult time waking up each morning and making it to school on time. Many students see no harm in skipping school occasionally, but this is simply a mistake and could ultimately set them back. By handing out rewards for not missing a single day, you’ll be able to praise the student, while also encouraging others to follow their lead.

For Employers

The mass majority of employees will miss work from time to time, whether for illness or other personal reasons. By rewarding those that haven’t missed for the entire year, you’ll be able to show your gratitude, while also encouraging the behavior. This may very well inspire your other employees to take notice and begin missing less. So, using the certificate is clearly a win-win for everyone involved.


Perfect Attendance Certificate