Permission Slip Template

By | July 23, 2016

Are you a guardian, teacher, or something who is responsible for watching over young children? If so, you’ll understand the paramount importance of your duties and the stress they can bring. Not only are you responsible for ensuring the children remain safe and sound in your care, but you’ll also need to provide their parents with the reassurance that their children will be fine. In some circumstances, you may wish to take your class on an educational field trip to a museum or zoo. It would be impossible to do this, without first gaining permission from each child’s parents. So, you’ll need to download and utilize the permission slip template to your advantage.

How It Works

The mass majority of individuals are familiar with the permission slip to some extent. The simple document can be used in various situations, but is primarily implemented within the educational sector. School aged children can benefit immensely from visiting a museum or going on an education trip. Before they can be transported out of the school, it is essential for the teachers and administration to acquire permission from the parents. The permission slip solves this problem.

The permission slip will contain information regarding the trip and the student in question. The student will transport the document home and get it signed by their parents should they agree to the terms. This will help to prevent the school from getting in trouble for transporting the child off of school grounds.

What To Include

In order to make sure your permission slip template is effective, you’ll need to include some pertinent details. First and foremost, you should provide parents with the date and location of the trip. They’ll want to know when the trip will take place and how far their children will be transported away from the school. Providing as many details as possible regarding the plan is essential for calming their nerves and ultimately gaining their permission. Of course, the most important component of all is the parent’s signature. Be sure to leave a space at the bottom for this.

When To Use It

So, when is it appropriate to use a permission slip? The truth of the matter is that this document can be used in an abundance of circumstances. Whether you’re a school teacher or work as a principal, you’ll want to protect the school system, while also reassuring parents of their children’s safety. So, anytime you decide to take the children away from the school, it is a good idea to get permission. If you do not, you may wind up facing lawsuits or dealing with disgruntled parents. Neither are ideal and both are best avoided.

Of course, school systems are not the only entities, which can take advantage of such a document. After school clubs, such as the Boy Scouts and sporting establishments, should also use the permission slip. If these groups intend to take their attendees on a trip, which transports them away from their traditional meeting location, a permission slip should be used to avoid any potential legal problems.


Permission Slip Template