Policy Brief Template

By | March 14, 2017

Writing a policy can be a timely process, especially if it entails hundreds of pages of documents. As you know, the policy makers do not have the extra time to read through an entire policy. Instead, you will need to take advantage of the policy brief template, which is a ready made document that can be altered and downloaded. A policy brief must be written in a manner that will help the policy makers make well-informed decisions, based on the information you provide them.

Concise And Clearly Organized

One thing you will notice about the policy brief template is it is concise and clearly organized. The outline is designed to help you focus on the most important factors that will target the audience’s attention. This policy brief will be short, but very detailed and can be utilized as a stand-alone document. There are several things that you should ask yourself, when writing the brief, “How knowledgeable is the audience about this topic” and “How open are they to the message”. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to answer these questions precisely, so you will have to put yourself in the attendees’ place.

The benefit of utilizing a template is it can be shared with others via email or print.

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policy brief template

policy brief template

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