Swimlane Diagram

By | August 11, 2016

Initially, the swim lane flowchart might seem like something you would utilize in the Olympics. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, this document has nothing to do with sports at all. Instead, it helps to identify a specific procedure and can be utilized by a wide variety of entities, including companies, businesses, and charitable organizations. Below, you’ll learn all about the swim lane diagram template.

What It Contains

This specific flowchart can be manipulated to a great degree. Nonetheless, it’ll always serve the same purpose of laying out a specific process. The document will layout the steps and people involved in ensuring a project is completed. For instance, it could be used by a college university to set forth the procedure followed to process the student’s application. When several different departments need to be involved to get something completed, this chart should be used.

Its Use

As mentioned above, the swim lane flowchart can be used to set forth the process of accepting student applications. It can also be used by companies for looking at applications and choosing between potential candidates. This type of flowchart can also be used by companies to ensure orders are shipping in a timely manner. The document will detail everyone’s specific responsibilities, so the order can be processed, the item can be obtained and shipped to the buyer.


Swimlane diagram