Timeline Template

By | July 30, 2016

Timelines can be utilized for professional and nonprofessional purposes. You can actually utilize a timeline for your own personal needs, especially if you are working on a wedding or baby album. Of course, you are a project manager you will need to prepare a very detailed timeline that will offer a bit of flexibility. To make this task easier, a timeline template can be utilized, but remember it is going to be up to you to include all the necessary details.

Customizable Document

Templates are customizable, which is a great benefit, since you will want to add your own special touches. Not only will you have the option of altering the font size, but you will also be able to update the timeline as often as you like. You can actually utilize Microsoft Excel or Word to download the template. Once you complete the download, you can begin altering the document to suit your needs. Be sure to include a desirable title, precise dates, and the events that occurred on these dates.

Sharing With Others  

Once you complete your timeline, you will have the option of printing it off, so you can distribute a copy to everyone involved in the project. If you want to save yourself a lot of time, you can just email the document to everyone instead.


Simple Timeline Template

timeline template


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