Vacation Request Form

By | September 9, 2016

Although you might have disputes with your employer from time to time, it is impossible to say that your employer hasn’t treated you well over the years. They provide you with a steady stream of income and excellent benefits. In order to repay the favor and to show your respect for the company, it is essential to make them aware when you intend to be off work. If you want to take a vacation of any length, it would be wise to submit a vacation request form.

Requests Permission

In most cases, employers only have enough employees to cover their regular shifts. When someone calls in or misses work unexpectedly, they’ll be forced to scramble to find someone to cover the absentee’s duties. Requesting permission ahead of time is a necessity for this very reason. By submitting the request, you can work with the employer to find the most suitable time for your vacation.

Allows The Employer To Prepare

At the same time, the vacation request helps to ensure the employer is able to cover your shift. Providing them with notification ahead of time will give them time to find a suitable replacement during your absence. This will help you remain on your employer’s good side and will prevent problems upon your return.


Vacation Request Form