Weekly Sales Report Template

By | August 1, 2016

If you own a small business and employ a group of valuable salespersons, you are already familiar with the difficulty of tracking the sales activity. In order to get the final sales report accurate, you will need to monitor each salesperson’s activity. Unfortunately, this is not your own duty, so how are you going to manage? Well, this is where a weekly sales report template will come into play.

Enhance Organizational Skills

Business owners have so many duties to attend to on a daily basis. The only way they can keep up with these responsibilities is to continue the same routine throughout. This basically means that they are not going to have extra time to devote to monitoring the salespersons’ activities. Your daily sales reports can easily be combined together to create a weekly sales report. Not only will these professional documents ensure accurate reporting, but it will also enhance your organizational skills.

Store On Your Computer Or Print Out

The model spreadsheet can be altered accordingly. You just need to fill in the important details, so it can be linked to your company. You can also create an outline that includes face-to-face meetings, appointments, follow-up phone calls, and referrals. Once you complete the design, you can distribute to your sales team via email or you can print it out and put it in their mailbox.


Weekly Sales Report Template