30 Day Notice Template

By | August 27, 2016

As an employee, it is your responsibility to work hard each and every day. Your employer pays you well and they deserve your respect. Of course, change is sometimes very beneficial. Making a career change may result in better pay, improved opportunities, and more benefits. If you do decide to change jobs, it is pertinent to make your current employer aware of the situation. The 30 day notice template can help you alert the appropriate individual of your impending departure.

The Purpose

The purpose of the 30-day notice is very simple. It will give you the ability to warn your current employer of your decision to leave their company. In some cases, this may be requirement. In others, you are simply submitting the document out of respect and to help the employer prepare for your exit.

Why Use It?

As a good employee, you should always give notice, before leaving your job. In almost all circumstances, your employer has been good to you and has paid you well. The document will give you the ability to show the employer that you’re grateful for their assistance over the years. By submitting the document and letting the employer know ahead of time, they’ll be able to find a replacement much sooner and avoid potential problems, which may occur if you just disappear without notice.


30 Day Notice Template