Attendance Tracking Templates

By | August 2, 2016

Whether you are a teacher or happen to own a small business, it is imperative to keep track of your employees’ attendance. You need to know who shows up and who doesn’t. It would be impossible to try to record this information in your head unless you have a picture perfect memory. However, most individuals do not, so they need something to help them keep track of these details. This is where attendance tracking templates can come in handy.

About Attendance Tracking

Keeping track of your employees’ attendance will help keep you from overpaying or underpaying employees, which in return will keep everyone happy. A happy employee will be more determined to perform their daily tasks and work a little harder for your company. Huge companies like to use biometric systems to keep track of employees, but this really isn’t suitable for smaller companies. There are numerous types of attendance tracking documents and they can be used to keep track of employees, as well as their weekly, monthly or annual attendance records.

How To Use Them

These documents can be downloaded and opened in Excel or Microsoft Word. You can use the document to keep track of attendance on your computer, or you can print out the documents and keep track of attendance by penciling in the correct information. Regardless, the document will always prove to be beneficial.


attendance sheet template

Attendance Tracking Templates