Baby Shower Invitation Templates

By | July 31, 2016

Are you currently pregnant and preparing for your upcoming baby shower? Not only can this event be incredibly fun and exciting, but also it’ll give you the ability to obtain items you need for your baby. Of course, it is essential to pull off the perfect event and you’ll need to start by sending out invitations. By utilizing baby shower invitation templates, you’ll be able to fill in the blanks, make a few edits, and send the invites to your friends, family members and colleagues.

Cater To Your Baby’s Gender

When configuring your invitation, you’ll want to make sure you incorporate your child’s gender. Using colors, which represent a male or female, is recommended. Of course, not all parents will want to know their child’s gender right away. If you have opted to keep it a secret, you can decorate the invite with question marks and other secretive symbols.

When To Send

In order to guarantee that everyone will be able to attend your baby shower, it is essential to send out the invites are early as possible. The invitations should be put into the outgoing mailbox at least 2 or 3 weeks, before the scheduled baby shower. This will help to ensure everyone has time to schedule for the event and will be able to attend.


baby shower invitation template