Employee Grievance Form

By | August 8, 2016

Many employees will continue to work, even though they are totally dissatisfied with the working conditions or stipulations placed on them. Many people are afraid to speak out against their supervisor, boss or entire management team, due to potential retribution. Believe it or not, there is a safe way to express your opinion and get the attention of the management team. An employee grievance form is confidential, formal, and very effective.

Factual Details 

In order for this procedure to work, the grievance must consist of professional, factual details. Employees should never base their claims of a personal level, because management will not take these serious. Gather your facts, before you actually file the grievance, so you can approach the process in a nonbiased manner. It is important to note that you should not file a grievance, without speaking to a member of the upper management team.

Unresolved Issues 

The grievance should contain details of the unresolved issue. In order for the complaint to be addressed in a formal manner, it will need to contain professional names and dates when the meeting actually took place. If you have never completed one of these forms before, you may not be familiar with the process. This is where a document template will come on handy, because it consists of everything you need to address the issue. All you need to due is the edit the text surrounded by brackets, print, and hand deliver to human resources.


Employee Grievance Form