Gap Analysis Templates

By | August 3, 2016

If you run a business, you’ll understand how crucial it is to ensure your employees deliver an excellent performance each and every day. If these individual slack off in any way, your business will hurt and your revenue will potentially drop. Performing a gap analysis will give you the ability to analyze the performance of your workforce, so you can make corrective changes where possible.

What Is It?

Before printing off gap analysis templates, you should take the time to learn about the gap analysis. What does it actually do? Well, this document will give you the ability to compare someone’s or something’s performance to the performance that is desired. If your company’s resources are not being used to the best of their ability, this analysis will let you know about it immediately.

How Are They Used?

When it comes down to it, gap analysis can be utilized in a wide variety of different sectors. It can be used for organizational means, business processes, and even for information technology. The analysis can be used to enhance your current procedures or it can be used to determine the potential of a product in the market. Before performing the analysis, you’ll be able to find out where you currently stand and how much more you can potentially achieve.


Gap Analysis Templates